Mohiomap is a web application that helps you navigate your Cloud data stored in Box, showing hidden relationships and interesting patterns within your content. Mohiomap provides you with a structured overview and gives you tools to increase your productivity and workflow.

It’s a tool for visualizing, navigating, and exploring your Box content. Files, documents, tasks and team members are presented as an interactive network, similar to a mind map that helps you find hidden relationships and interesting patterns within your Box content. Mohiomap also features filtering, bookmarking and search functions to identify the content most relevant to you.

Bring everything and everyone together into one simple space with Mohiomap’s newest team product. With Mohiomap for Teams, you'll take your team and document management a step further by visualizing your Box contents, including documents, tasks, people; create comprehensive team reports; and analyze your Team’s activities. See your shared documents and discover relationships across all the different elements in your account, allowing you to uncover hidden connections to improve your communications and workflow.

Mohiomap's intuitive and easy-to-use visual display offers a unique and immersive experience for browsing your content. Simply sign up for free, connect your Box account, and start exploring!

- Web-based access to easily visualize, navigate, and search your Box content
- Display your documents and files as an intuitively structured network
- Easily discover the interconnecting relationships among documents and team-members
- Discover activities, key skills, and relevant documents of your team
- Assign and edit tags right within Mohiomap, making tag management intuitive and effortless
- Publish maps for your team to access and take action on
- Make getting complex insights easy by creating detailed reports about your team within seconds

How does it work?
Sign up for free, and securely connect your Box account, then start exploring the automatically generated mind map of your data.